Sunday, January 27, 2013

Japan Adventures

Unlike my first trip, I was able to do quite a bit more sightseeing this time around. Leaving me with the experience of lifetime and about 110 gigs of footage. Since it's going to take a lot of time to get everything edited, I figured I would post a few of the images I've completed so far.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

An Afternoon at Garage G-Force - Yokohama, Japan

The last couple of months have truly been something special, with opportunities to advance my relatively young visual media career coming from places I could have never imagine. These opportunities have allowed me to begin my longtime dream of exploring different parts of the world and experiencing different cultures. On my second trip to Japan, I was able to visit some of the most well known tuning shops and part manufactures in the world like, HKS, Varis and Tomei. I'll be posting the incredibly cool things I got to shoot at those shops later on as I continue to get through everything. For now, here are the images from an afternoon spent with friends from Kaizen Tuning and Tomei at Garage G-force - home of Japan's Fastest EVO X!!

For this set I had no tripod or strobes, just a steady hand and some primes. The shop had this really cool green glow given off by the combination of the overhead lights and the green floor. Since I liked the look so much, I decided to preserve it as much as possible. Editing the photos with a "less is more" approach inspired by the work of some of my favorite Speedhunters.