Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kaizen Tuning Evo X Time Attack Project Part 3

The last part of the Evo X build takes us back to Kaizen tuning's headquarters for what proved to be a mad dash to the finish! The team knew going into this final week of preparation that they where cutting it close and wasted no time in getting started. With less than 5 days until the first round of competition, it was all hands on deck! However, even with multiple people working simultaneously long sleepless nights awaited them all. By the time Friday came around Malcom lead tech on the project had put in 36 hours of work straight. Even after that tremendous effort the team still had a pretty long to do list with only a few hours before the race.

In the morning I headed out to the track much earlier than everyone else for my media clearance meeting. That took a little over an hour and when finished the team had not yet arrived. I grew a bit worried as I waited, but as it turned out they had hit a bit of traffic on their way in. Over the night they completed most of the items left to be crossed off that list I previously mention. The few things left where minor, but even still they where unable to run in the first heat. In the end, missing that first run had very little effect on their performance, as they still managed to take first place in the AWD Unlimited class! Not a bad way to start a year of competition if you ask me!!!

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  1. looking awesome Glad to be a part of it all!!

  2. Thanks Moses!! See you at round 2!!