Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well here is, the beginning of TT Productions aka "Turbo Tiburon Productions". This is the very first pic I have a chance to take of it this year!!! After about 10 months of not being able to drive it, I finally got it on the road... With that amount of down time, it was a given that I had to take it out for a spin right away. The weather today was absolutely perfect for a cruise, so I met up with one of my friends and his tib ( more pics on that later) and we went up to my fav spot!


Here are some pics of my buddies tib!!

Both of our tibs!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Import Nights/ Nopi Video

Surprise! I know many of you were probably not expecting this since I kept it under wraps, but now the cat's outta the bag. Just a quick edit of Hot Import Nights/ Nopi at New England Dragway. I didn't shoot as much footage as I wanted because of the high amount of photos that I took, but this vid will give you a quick glimpse at the amount of win present at the show!! Enough talk, here's the video. Enjoy!!