Monday, May 24, 2010

Import Face-Off @ New England Dragway

Well, I was saying it all day yesterday and I'll say it again today- yesterday's weather was absolutely perfect. The car show season is barely getting started but already its looking like it will be a great one. The industries big guns deff came out swinging and even though they only had three cars there, Team Emotion successfully continued to draw big crowds around them all day long. Kiet Hong's RHD RSX is really aging like fine wine, its hard to believe that a vehicle that has been feature multiple times in magazines like Super Street, Turbo, etc can be modified better than it was the previous year. However, every year, again and again, this thing keeps getting better and better and better!! Sporting his new Mugen look along with some minty fresh looking polished engine goodies and titanium piping, Kiet's RSX is sure to be a contender this season, I would not be surprised if we saw another featured out of him. Another fellow Emotion member that came out strong, was Frankie Ortiz with his RHD ITR sporting some fresh falken rubber wrapped around a new set of mag blue TE 37's- put that with an engine so clean you can eat off of, and you have yet another car to keep an eye out for.

Many other teams where well represented yesterday, which included Team Velocity, Boston Lowriders, and B.E.S.T. Boston Low Riders took home the best team award but with many team cars still under the knife, I'm positive their competition will get tougher with more of them popping into the scene throughout the season. The racing wasn't too bad either with some nice close racing at some points. One of the highlights for me was actually seeing a 2010 Genesis tearing it up and actually winning the sport class running a best of 13.650 at 103.63<<< but then again I'm sort of biased when it comes to the crooked H!!!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wicked Visit

Last Saturday I stopped by the Wicked CAS shop just to see what these guys where up to. Having been nationaly recognized as one of the top audio installers in the US, you can expect nothing but the best from them- they do it all from crazy all out show car audio installations, to your everyday ride upgrade install. On Saturday, I got a chance to squeeze in a few pics from a freshly finished Tahoe, as well as some video which I'm currently editing, which should be up shortly. So make sure you check these guys out for anything and everything that has to do with automotive audio systems.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kancamagus Cruise

Just got back from the Kancamagus Cruise, sore, tired, sunburned, and with a partially gone voice- but it was totally worth it... This event was absolutely INSANE- 300+ cars, twisty mtn roads and open highways- for sure the right ingredients needed for a good time, that it was and them some... Its hard to put into words how much fun I had at this, but if I had to do that, I believe this sums it up WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (maybe that's why I lost my voice... just a thought...) Unfortunately when you get this many people together, things are bound to happen: first the bike accident (luckily everyone was ok...), followed by incredibly reckless driving by some individuals. However, overall this was definitely a great event put together for a great cause. Hopefully this dark cloud does not loom over for too long, and we can keep on going with it and hope that people learn to behave a little better and not forget the whole reason for an event like this. Ok I'm done talking on with the pics. Thanks to everyone for attending this great event, to Alex for putting it together, and all the sponsors who helped raise money for the Make A Wish foundation!!!

Rest of the pictures here:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Project AE-86

Last weekend I had the chance to stop by my friend Maelo's house, not expecting at all to see the following. In his garage he has a mint AE-86 that he's currently working on. I was not there very long and dont have any specs, however, I did manage to get a few pics.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

IndiSliderMini Test

Over the pass few weeks I have been investing quite a bit on new equipment for my videos and this is what happens when you have lots of new toys and no car shows to film yet..